Saturday, November 04, 2006

how to save money in a hospital ?

Have you recently been to a hospital ? do you remember seeing the bill ? then you must remember feeling cheated ? the frustration of not understanding the medical mumbo jumbo ?

The bad news is hospitals nowadays do overcharge through medical & hospital bill errors. The bills are so difficult to understand ....... the result - you end up being cheated, sometimes of a lot of money.

The good news is help is available. I compiled a list of links to a few excellent pages, full of good, solid advice on how to save your hard earned money.

How to detect medical & hospital billing errors? see

For some more tips on saving on medical bills ....

You still having trouble, there are people who will check your bill for you.... are a must.

For insurance tips

The 10 ways to avoid outrageous hospital overcharges
& the 8 most common hospital billing errors are a must.
If you are still not convinced you need to see
10 Things Your Hospital Won't Tell You
even the B.B.C. is talking about the The hidden costs of hospitals

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Hope said...

Thanks for the link! I just got a 10 thousoand dollar ER bill for 4 hours. I was charged for cardia monitoring and blood pressure monitoring blood tests that weren't taken and all sorts of other things that didn't happen. I plan on having a chat with those dear people and remind them of federal guidelines to protect the uninsured and of course to also remind them that low income doesn't mean uneducated.